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Happy 1. Birthday Parsec!
On the 21.May2007 at 2.16 a.m. Parsec was released to the world. And what a year it has been. We laughed a lot, got angry alot and even here and there where a few tears shed. Rarely have we seen gamers getting invloved as much as in Parsec. Thank you very much to all who have stayed true to us. Hope we be saying together Happy Birthday for many years to come.

So with it being a Birthday, we also have a little surpise for you:

1) From 20.05.2008, 0:00a.m.CET to 21.05.2008, 0:00a.m.CET everybody will have free Premium!

2) From 20.05.2008, 0:00a.m.CET to 21.05.2008, 0:00a.m.CET the server will run on 25 times the speed of the normal server(normal is 5 times).

And just as a teaser, the next big content upgrade for Parsec is just around the corner ;)

Once again, thank you very much to all Parsec gamers. You are ace!

Your team :)
, 20.05.2008 18:09
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